LiquiLock Products

LiquiLock was invented by Adam Browning, a renovation contractor who dreaded moving toilets.  When it came time to changing out the builder grade toilets in his own house he decided there had to be a better way.  He spent many hours designing many different contraptions to capture the water that inevitably would spill out and leave a toilet water trail as he would try to carry out the awkwardly heavy toilets.  One day, his dog chewed up a baby diaper and he noticed a super absorbent material inside.  The light bulb went off in Adam's head and he finally solved the problem. He tore into 10 diapers and collected the super absorbent material and tossed it into the toilets before he moved it.  The water solidified and the problem was solved!  Adam passed around samples of his new invention to some of his contractor friends and all had rave reviews. He took it to the National Hardware trade show in Las Vegas and the product was picked as a top 10 product of the show!  From there he met with the executive buyers at Home Depot and Lowes who promptly agreed to stock LiquiLock.  LiquiLock is  still owned and operated by Adam  and family and distributed internationally by the Oatey Company. 



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